Coming Events

A free two-hour Seminar “Create Your Own Job” will be delivered from 7-9:00PM in Music Room B. at the Salvation Army Building at 1833 Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia, on March 15. This seminar, which will include a workshop, will help people select from a series of job opportunities that they will generate, to determine which can be implemented to generate income, provide for future work and ultimately assist them in discovering a business of passion that might sustain them for the remainder of their lives.

The seminar does not teach any single method or job type but will help people explore their own life interests  and discover how to best adapt them to the present job/work environment. This approach emphasizes, flexibility, adaptability, life-long learning and the will to succeed.

Although the seminar is free, seating is limited. If you can attend please respond by sending me an e-mail with Augusta Seminar in the subject line.