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The OnLine Book Club is an international club of readers whose reviewers read and comment on authors’ books. I submitted my new business book to the club for consideration and received a five-star review. This is not an automatic event. Each review is independent. This review is reinforced by the fact that it was also considered a “worthy” book by Kirkus and also placed in the Recommended category by the U.S. Review of Books.

I have another business title that will be out in the spring. This is “Real Wealth: How To Obtain And Keep It.” This is a more philosophical examination of the subject of multi-generational wealth accumulation.

Review of Make Your Own Job

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[Following is an official review of “Make Your Own Job” by Wm. Hovey Smith.]

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5 out of 5 stars

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In as much as we celebrate the adoption of high-tech equipment in boosting the economy, we need to think about the impact that it has on the employment of a nation. How do we create a long-lasting source of income? This is the question every successful person should be asking. Make Your Own Job by Wm. Hovey Smith is a wealth-generation and sustenance book that would appeal to anyone who seeks to be successful.

A lot of people who have worked in different companies and industries have had a lot of ugly experiences. Aside from that, they have little or no time for social activities or family. And in the end, they are laid off when their workplace suffers some setbacks. The amazing thing here is that we are in an age where anything can generate income. It’s all about doing your research well to know what people want and also about your mindset. They are basic things you need to know before you can create a job for yourself, without which you will fail. Grab a copy to find out.

I love this book because of the truth in it. The impact of technology on the population has its disadvantages as well, which most people don’t know. I was able to learn that this era also opens us up to a lot of opportunities to create wealth. I was able to flow well with this read. This is because I don’t like working for someone and have searched for ways to create a job for myself. I think I can start something due to what I have learned. I didn’t encounter any complexities throughout my read; everything was straight to the point. There were a lot of subtopics in this book, which made it easy for me to understand. I loved the narrative pattern; it was more like a wealth seminar.

The words were too small for me, and this is the only thing I didn’t like about this book. Without which the book is very amazing. I also did not encounter any errors, which shows that the book was superbly well-edited. Due to the amazing features of this book that have been stated above, I will rate it five out of five stars.

This book is not only for working-class people; it’s also for young readers who are planning to search for employment. Therefore, I recommend this book to both young and adult readers. 

Make Your Own Job
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