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About two weeks ago Don McCauley did an excellent interview with me about my new book, “Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age” on “The Author’s Show.” We had done an unusually through pre-interview interchange which enabled me to mentally prep for the show.

This was excellent because my book is unlike any previous business book in that it presents a method of self-generating business concepts, selecting which to act on when, and then goes through the entire process of starting a business to do what you need, or want, to do at the time. There is always a danger when producing a non-conventional book that it will not be appreciated by those who have deeply ingrained opinions of what a business book ought to be. Kurkus, the international book review firm that is known for giving critical reviews said that, “This is a worthy book for the newbie entrepreneur,” which is high praise indeed.

In their opinion I succeeded in producing a business book that is suitable for non-business majors containing excellent information that the average person can use. Some chapters, like the one on patents, they liked better than others, but they also liked the fact that I gave coverage to the entire business process as might be done by everyone from teens to seniors in a scant 150 pages.
That business need might be to raise immediate cash, develop a side-hustle while you work for someone else, or select a business that you really enjoy doing to bring in some extra money during your retirement years. The need to self-generate income has never been more pressing than now when the entire economy is readjusting from the impact of the Corona Virus. There is an undeniable degree of security to be gained by having your own business running, even if on a small scale, so that you can have a source of income that you control.

The variety of businesses that might be selected could be inventing and making a physical product, specializing in retailing some particular type of goods on a worldwide basis, selling knowledge, something creative in the arts, or assisting others by founding a non-profit organization to full an unmet need. Nor is it required that you select from any one of the above. The recommended program is to plan for your new business, execute it, evaluate it, and move on to the next thing if the previous concept did not work out so well. Be observant, be flexible, take risks, learn from your failures, and have fun doing it.

These and other concepts were presented during the interview which we enjoyed doing. Both of us have sat on both sides of the microphone many times before, and we appreciated each others’ work which made for an unusually informative and enjoyable program.

If you want a good listen, Google “The Author’s Show” and look for my name Wm. Hovey Smith and the book’s title “Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age.” If you happen to miss the show today, it will be archived and you can catch it some other time or listen to it more than once. You can use the URL to connect to the show at any time.

“Make Your Own Job” is available as a softcover, e-book, or a 7-hour audio book from and other sources worldwide.

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