What To Do If Your Camera Fails While You Are Shooting Videos

Hovey the Hulk captured with my Cannon VIXIA HFR 800 Video camera. 

What to do if you are in the midst of shooting two videos and your camera fails, and cannot be repaired?

  1. Order another of the same model on line. – Done. Received. 
  2. Do what you can to salvage the videos in progress. –  Done. (See Hovey Smith YouTube Channel 01/27/2021 about Bon Richard getting ready for squirrel and small game hunting.)
  3. Get your Covid-19 Vaccine at your local VA. – Done.

Fortunately I had made an appointment at the VA in Dublin, Georgia, five days previously.  I got up at 5:30 AM so that Hector and I could reach the hospital by 10:00 AM, and we arrived about an hour early on a rainy, overcast day. Unusual for appointments, the signage at the hospital directed me to the auditorium which was on the second floor of the Administrative Building.  After checking in just beyond the entrance doors, I was escorted upstairs to fill out paperwork and checked  in again before being asked to wait for a nurse to check my blood pressure and temperature. For the second time I was asked if I had any symptoms of the virus. All but a few chairs had been moved out of the large room and I was asked to wait until my number,  number 6, was called. Then I was escorted by a nurse into a draped exam cubicle and she gave me the shot in my arm. She also filled out a card that I had been given telling me that I had been given the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine and recorded the date. After the shot I was asked to wait for 15 minutes while sitting well apart from anyone else in the room. After that I was checked out before I left the auditorium and given a return appointment for the booster shot at the end of February.  As I write this the following day, I have no adverse symptoms except for a slight soreness in the arm where the shot was given.  Hector, my Lab, was waiting patiently in the truck when I returned and we had an uneventful return trip through some modest showers going home. Being a vet, I have had many vaccines and shots before without any ill effects, and expect none from this one. 

The Dublin VA was one of the first institutions in Georgia to receive the vaccine, and I was fortunate that I received some of the last of that initial shipment. That shipment is now completely allocated, and they will again accept veterans that they regularly treat when they receive a fresh supply. Other VA institutions in Central Georgia that have been giving the vaccine are Georgia Veteran Education Career Transition Resource Center (VECTR) in Warner Robins  and the Macon CBOC.  Contact your nearest VA facility for information on where and how you may receive the vaccine if your are a veteran signed up for treatment at the facilities who is a health worker or over the age of 65. 

      4.  Work on your webpage. 

As I am a writer I had started a webpage in 2007 and updated it periodically as I had written new books and done other activities. I named it after myself www. hoveysmith.com, as this seemed the easiest way for people to find me. Over the decades, I added information not only about my growing number of books, but also other activities such as my radio shows, knife-building efforts, international speaking, and most recently my business books. The last is Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anyplace, At Any Age which is available in softcover, as an e-book as well as an audio books. As it turns out, age is not only working on me, it is also working on my website. I was informed by a technician  that the coding on my old version of the program would, in some cases, no longer work with the newer generation of browsers. The remedy, he said, was to purchase a newer version of their program.  That brings up more talk, because the update might require that the entire website be redesigned and all of the information reentered or discarded. Among the several pages linked to the site there was an order page with a single entry for my first book, but I could not add anything to that page. The remedy I derived was to post the written descriptions and instead of doing a text-wraparound the image, centered the image above the text and placed a link beneath it to Amazon.com and ListenUP Audio Books where they may be ordered. You may view the results at: www.hoveysmith. com. 

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