New Audio Book Provides Detailed Instructions For Selecting and Starting Your Own Business

A business book for the non-business major, Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anyplace, At Any Age, provides detailed instructions on how to select the best business opportunity at the moment, how to grow that business, and how to investigate longer-term business possibilities while you are still employed or running your own business. Life is not static. Business opportunities may arise at any time that can be taken advantage of provided that a person has the tools to recognize, evaluate, and take advantage of them. Pre-Covid-19, the worker had only the problems of having their jobs exported overseas, being automated out of a job, downsized out of the company, having their products become obsolete, being replaced by younger workers, or having to leave a job because of injury or disability. All of these dangers to workers still exist, but have been overshadowed by the virus outbreak, which has accelerated these trends and closed all but essential business activities in entire cities and states. Although vaccines have been developed, full job recovery is not anticipated to occur until 2024 by which time companies will have become more automated, relying more on at-home workers, and consolidated many job functions. The only way workers can protect themselves from these uncertainties is to develop their own means of making a living which is by starting mini-companies or companies to insure short-term and longer-term income for them and their families. This book is designed to show how to recognize and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

To avoid the high failure rate of new business ventures, the author details how to systemically rank potential opportunities into short-term, medium-term, and longer-term possibilities and selecting the best option for fulfilling one’s immediate economic needs , while simultaneously considering longer-term prospects. Not all businesses fit the needs of all people all the time.The ultimate objective is to discover a business that is so appealing that you would work at it even if no one paid you, but which will also satisfy your goals and aspirations, which will change over the decades. This new venture may be as simple as selling or exchanging something you already own at swap events or on barter websites, or it might require advanced college degrees or technical training.

Although opening a store-front business may be the first thing that comes to mind, internet-enhanced or based businesses are usually less expensive to launch, have less fixed costs, and can very often be done from your home or apartment. Such businesses may involve selling goods, services, knowledge, the fine arts, or writing. Many of these alternatives are illustrated by Smith’s life experiences in the book.

The book was released on January 12 and is now available from, and will soon be available from audio book suppliers worldwide. A softcover version of the title is also available from


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