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Crystallography as a Way to Discover the “Unknown Unknowns” Regarding any Process or Question

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Dana Textbook of Mineralogy (2)

Crystallography with its rigid rules of form and symmetry provides a way to consider undiscovered facts and properties of complex problems.

Crystallography is a course that is dreaded by Geology students worldwide because it requires the mastery of solid geometry and considerations of three-dimensional forms that have planes and axes of symmetry which meet at varying angles and may also be inclined. It is comforting to know at the outset that there are only 32 crystal classes what may be expressed in a wide variety of regular and distorted forms. All crystalline matter including diamonds, salt and metals can be classified into one of these forms.

This is hardly new science. The basic concept that any given mineral had a distinctive crystalline form was recognized in the Greek and Roman classical period. Galena, the common ore of lead, fascinated people because when it was broken it was reduced to smaller…

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March 27, 2019 at 7:00 am

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