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Writing Fiction while Sitting By the Bogwood Fire

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One of thousands of abandoned croft houses in Ireland.

One of many thousands of abandoned stone croft houses that still dot the landscape which millions of Irish left to try for new lives elsewhere in the world.

Bogwood.n. Darkly colored wood that may be 10s of thousands of years old recovered from marshes and bogs in typically northern latitudes that is dried and used for fuel in areas where other wood is scarce or absent.

 Just as the captive Jews sat by the rivers of Babylon and dreamed of Zion, so the Irish displaced by eviction and starvation in their own land kept their fires in the United States, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, India and China. Scattered in countries of the expanding British Empire, those descended kept ingrained cultural ties with Ireland, even though it might be generations before any of them might return. Like any assimilating population their ties were stronger with the first generation of immigrants…

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March 11, 2019 at 4:53 pm

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