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Choose Your Partners as Carefully as Your Would Choose Your Parents

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Create Your Own Job Security

Eating Insects Athens, 2018 ParticipantsGather a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and skills to help you launch your new business or cause. 

While sex appeal and lust-driven emotional responses likely played a large part in your being conceived, such responses need to be set aside when taking on a business partner.  Maybe a sex partner can be a business partner, but the first determination in partnership is “What can you bring to the business that I cannot?”

If the answer is, “Nothing that I can see right now,” then your sex partner is best removed from consideration. In looking for partners or team members, you need to find people whose skill set is different from your own and have different life experiences. This is somewhat counterintuitive, as the default position would be to choose partners who came from the same cultural background, went to the same schools, were the same age, had…

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March 5, 2019 at 3:23 pm

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