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Avoid Financial Disaster when Selling Your Company

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Create Your Own Job Security

Hovey with Tennille Bank frontIs selling your company going to reward you financially or leave you with a bankrupt company and debts that you cannot repay?

Thus far your entrepreneurial enterprises have gone well. You started a company, made it a success, ran it for decades and now would like to cash out to move on onto something else. You have solicited offers and some have been received. How to you evaluate which one to accept? A range of options are offered. These include:

  • Cash Purchase with A One-Time Payment
  • An Initial Payment with More Being Made over A Period Of Years
  • No Initial Payment with You Awarded Stock in the New Company

These are three end points that might include more incentives such as continuing health insurance, your receiving retirement benefits along with your cash settlement, housing, a consulting contract, salary during a transition period of months, hunting rights on company owned properties…

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March 1, 2019 at 10:00 pm

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