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Jobs for Laid-Off Assembly Line Workers

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Create Your Own Job Security

Atlanta Waterjet Cutting 2 This Waterjet Cutter replaces workers who would produce these blanks one at a time.

Automation has replaced hundreds of thousands of assembly line workers and Human Resource Departments have not succeeded in finding jobs for many of them.

All too often assembly line workers are considered by management as “interchangeable work units” who are only capable of bolting on parts as they come to their stations. With automation a large factory structure is frequently replaced by a smaller building housing new machines that do not require as much lighting, air conditioning or heat. A business that once employed three shifts of 200 workers each now only needs 30 workers per shift.  What happens to the now-redundant workers?

The already small Human Resource Departments are overwhelmed. While they attempt to select the best workers to be transferred to the new factory and may refer workers to state unemployment facilities, they frequently…

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February 27, 2019 at 1:24 pm

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