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Create Your Own Job Security

Pedersoli Cook Bros Rifle Top and Carbine bottom cropped

Proper prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. Rule of the seven “Ps,” U.S. Army, c. 1860 and possibly long before.   

 At a hospitality suite during a two-day business seminar, those hosting the event are obviously promoting their products to the attendees. Freshly pumped with a flood of information, a potential way to use this new-found information begins to formulate in your brain. It is still rattling around connecting with this possibility and that, some of which are humorously impractical; but one seems to be on more solid ground. Eager to try this new concept out on someone else, you approach one of the vendor’s representatives, and he answers, “Yes, we do that quite often. In fact we just implemented a similar program with one of your competitors.”

Now that the application of this concept that you envision seems possible, you are burning to tell one of the higher…

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February 26, 2019 at 4:02 am

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