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Create Your Own Job with Your Present Company, Another Company or on Your Own

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Create Your Own Job Security

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With today’s rapid advances in IT technology, science, marketing and an ever-evolving art world it is possible to invent marketable jobs to capitalize on in a variety of ways.

Company owners and managers recognize that change is an inescapable part of today’s business world. Forward thinking individuals who can conceive of new products, business methods and new ways to present their companies in an increasingly competitive market are worth bringing into the organization.  Those who can present a compelling case that their particular mix of knowledge and skills can be of value can often design their own positions and make themselves indispensable parts of the business.

A necessary part of this approach is that these individuals will have established their credibility by assembling a body of work that is related to the positions they propose to improve a company’s bottom line. Publishing a book, making a prototype, initiating a patent…

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February 19, 2019 at 3:57 pm

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