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Stay or Move with Your Job: Increasing Your Options

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Create Your Own Job Security

Hovey as news anchor

When you work for a Fortune 500 company and they decide to close their production lines and move elsewhere, do you move with your job, or stay put and hope you can find work elsewhere? When you went to work you had the hope that the company’s size would help insure stability, but this turned out not to be so. If you are a young, single person the opportunity to move might be seen as an exciting adventure and a natural part of the modern workplace. If you have a family, maybe aging parents that need to be taken care of  or other obligations, relocating may not be an attractive option.

Historically, wholesale relocations of the younger portion of the working population has been a defining characteristic of the American worker. “Go West young man,” a phrase attributed to newspaper man Horace Greeley, was commonly repeated in the 1800s and…

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February 7, 2019 at 1:49 pm

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