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Taking Control Of Your Own Life: Making the Transition from Punching Bag to Fighter

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Create Your Own Job Security

A fighter who quits can never win. A fighter who stays in the ring may win and will learn from the experience.  Wm. Hovey Smith, Author of Create Your Own Job Security.

If you ever played high school sports, you heard something like this statement from your coach, as he told you no matter how bad the score was during the first half, if you continue to play and play well, you can still win. Distilled down to its essence, this is the principal life lesson that participation in any competitive sport and every game teaches. There are other significant benefits that may be derived from athletic activities such as physical conditioning, learning teamwork, striving for a common goal, supporting a cause and gaining personal satisfaction from your efforts. These are all important, but the most important lesson is to never quit.  Adapt, keep trying, look for opportunities and…

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February 6, 2019 at 9:45 am

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