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Plan for the Next 30 Days of the Government Shutdown

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Create Your Own Job Security

Hovey as news anchor“When outcomes are out of your control, it is better to plan for a certain result, rather than be carried along by the tide of events.”  Wm. Hovey Smith, Author of “Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife.”

No one can predict the next 30 days of the 2018-19 U.S. Government shutdown or its full impact on the U.S. economy. This uncertainty combined with indecision about Brexit in the United Kingdom, the Yellow Vest movement in France, disappointing growth figures from China and the Tariff Wars imposed by our President has impacted some 100,000 Government Workers, caused massive layoffs in retail trade, disrupted the supply chain of just-in-time delivery programs, broken international trade relations and resulted in confusion in world financial markets.

Individuals can potentially spur the U.S. Government into action by forcing members of the U.S. Congress to take action to open the…

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January 22, 2019 at 2:22 pm

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