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Writing the Successful Gun-Hunt Story: Part 3. Photography

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Thanksgiving Deer with a 14-inch Ruger Old Army using the .45 Colt Taylor & Company’s Conversion Cylinder 

14-in .45 LC Ruger Old Army with deerThis “hero shot” is the best shot I have for a lead photo. The white reflections of the deer’s eyes are a result of this being a flash photo taken with my truck’s lights and a Cannon 35-mm Single Lens Reflex camera with a 200 mm lens. These days only digital images are accepted unless there are historical photos that are strongly related to the story that were on prints or published as black and white images. By comparison here is a shot that would not be acceptable as is because of the blood shown in the photo. It is accurate, shows the spot where the deer fell, but would never see print. Although I am putting the photos in this text to indicate how they might be used, they will be submitted…

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December 4, 2018 at 11:31 am

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