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Writing the Successful Gun-Hunt Story: Part 2. The Edit

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In Part I I wrote a long form version of a recent deer hunt with my custom Ruger Old Army percussion revolver where I killed a deer with my cast bullets and reloads using a Taylor and Co. conversion cylinder in .45 Colt.  This story has some commercial appeal because:  A. I am using a percussion pistol to shoot a powerful hunting load. B. The Ruger Old Army had a long production run and many Ruger collectors and users know of the pistol. C. I had some modifications made to the gun to allow it to mount a scope sight and also outfitted it with a 14-inch barrel. B. My handloads moved advanced the pistol’s capabilities to successfully use a powerful, but conservative, hunting load that functions well in my revolver.

The story as first written ran about 2,817 words which is suitable for a chapter in a book, but…

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December 3, 2018 at 7:13 pm

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