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Use the Old Movie Serial Approach to Get Returning Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

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Ruger 14 (2)

This is a Ruger Old Army percussion revolver after it was modified by Master Gunsmith Dykes Reber. This work and the modification of the gun was the subject of one of the YouTubes in this series.

Those of us of a Certain Age remember the movie serial shorts that were usually part of a Saturday movie double feature schedule. These were typically westerns and always left the viewer with a cliff-hanger that would be resolved the next week only to be replaced by another, and so on for 10-weeks or so. This same approach was adopted by the later soap operas on TV, and is still being employed today to attract returning fans.

Ruger Old Army with some of its GA trophies

The Ruger Old Army and I had previous adventures such as taking a Georgia alligator with the gun as well as squirrels and deer, which likewise produced several videos.

As an outdoor writer it often takes me…

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November 26, 2018 at 12:39 pm

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