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Insuring Profitability When Your Raw Materials are Free

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Create Your Own Job Security


This 80-year-old pecan tree toppled by Hurricane Mathew will be converted into furniture, pen blanks,  knife scales and charcoal  for a much higher return on what otherwise would be free firewood. Converting the tree into a higher value consumer product also saves the costs having to pay others to remove the tree.

The basic premise that if you get your raw materials for free, then it should be easy to resell those materials and make a profit. This is a throw-back to hunter-gatherer societies where things growing or living in whatever environment is used to provided food and shelter for the community. Today all over the world people hunt, fish, gather wild mushrooms and cut wood for resale to others.

I encountered a modern example when I attended the November Minnesota Governor’s Deer Opener in Hinckley.  The Minnesota Deer Hunters’ Association, which is a well organized group with chapters all…

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November 13, 2018 at 1:11 pm

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