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The Cornish Pasty: A Traditional Food Ready for Commercialization

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Pasty at Mn Hunt Camp

A Cornish Pasty ready to be consumed at the Minnesota Governor’s Opener annual hunt which was held in Hinckley in November, 2018. Going on this hunt caused the author to seek out this classic miner’s lunch-bucket meal. 

Cornwall has been the site of tin and China clay mining since Roman times. Miners working underground needed a filling meal that they could heat and consumed as they worked.  With the introduction of the potato from the New World, the result was a beef-potato savory pie baked in a durable crust. Unlike beef pies served in dishes, the pasty had to be dry enough so as not to weaken its pastry container.

Cornish miners were highly skilled and worked in mining regions all over the world. They were in American mining camps throughout nation. Large numbers of Cornishmen and their families worked in the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…

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November 12, 2018 at 7:01 pm

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