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Offer a Variety of Materials at Book Fairs

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Frog who would stop winter

Sketch for The Frog Who Would Stop Winter one of the children’s stories that I will be offering to publishers at the Frankfurt and Miami Book Fairs.

If you are an author and have only one book, or one variety of books to offer, you have a fairly simple choice as to how to plan your attendance, finding who to see, etc. Because I am writing and have written a variety of fiction and non-fiction materials, I need to  contact a wider variety of publishers. I have, for example, a group of children’s stories that I self-published in the 1980s that never went anywhere. Below is one of four that I am working up for the Frankfurt and Miami book fairs.

The general plan is to take one printed copy of the four stories and take an additional copy on a thumb drive. If a publisher wants to read them…

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October 6, 2018 at 4:52 pm

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