New Blog Started for Business Topics

I have started a new blog,, to promote my new book and other business topics that I will publish under the Profit® imprint of Whitehall Press – Budget Publications. The new book will be available in August, and the manuscript is available via E-mail to media outlets.

I already have a booklet that is available free to Amazon Prime Customers,  Ideas for New Businesses: Finding Ideas for Starting Your Million or Billion-Dollar Business. The new book expands on this topics and contains considerably more information in its 200 pages. I also have 20 videos on YouTube that go through the entire business-generation process from conceiving of a business concept to the final disposition of your business and its assets.

For pre-publication orders of the book, I am offering signed copies with free shipping for $19.95. You may order using the PayPal button below:

Create Your Own Job Security

Pre-publication orders received a signed copy of the book and free shipping.



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