Hovey to be on Bonnie Graham’s “Read My Lips” Podcast Radio Show, Feb. 26

009 Tonight at 7:00 PM I will be on Bonnie Graham’s nationally broadcast PodCast Radio Program “Read My Lips Radio.” Bonnie and I will be discussing “How to Combat The Epidemic of Loneliness” by starting a late life business. The business that I chose was “Hovey’s Knives of China” where I took inspiration from Chinese designs from 3,000 years ago and am now making custom kitchen knives from carbon and stainless steels for today’s cooks and Chefs. Another aspect of my business is my Billy Joe Rubideoux line where I rebuild existing knives to make functional cutlery less expensively than building a custom knife from the ground up. An interesting sideline of this business is where I will take a piece of salvaged high carbon steel salvaged from an old Home Place and a piece of broken furniture wood and produce a kitchen knife that can be passed on for generations. The old family home may be long gone, but I will make a knife from things that your ancestors actually used than can be passed on for future generations. These three aspects of a single business illustrate how someone can start a new business with local and international reach with minimal outlay to provide a happy, interesting and financially rewarding late-life career. I have a booklet, Ideas For New Business, that can be used to inspire and help select a new business opportunity that can fit your abilities, physical capabilities, financial resources and interests that can give purpose to life and combat loneliness. This may not be making a physical product. Your new business may be a service product where your previous life experiences can provide aid and comfort to others. You can listen to the broadcast for free on your screen device at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bonniedgraham at 7:00 PM on Monday or at other times by going to the show’s backlog catalog.

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