Media Exposure Planned for Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Hovey at desk in library

I will be doing a major media push in Print Media, Radio and TV in coming months to promote my new company, Hovey’s Knives of China, new book, Ideas for New Businesses: Finding ideas for your million or billion dollar business and business consulting activities. Some of the radio materials have already been recorded such as two segments with Ric Bratton’s “This Week America” which is a news-format show originating in Ft. Wayne, Indiana carried by 150 radio stations throughout the country.

Bratton was exposed to two of the gag ads that I used on my Radio Show, “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures.” These were for Misty Mange, The hair-care product that you and your pet can share and SIN, Inc.’s red  white and blue turkey made from the best of “coal tars, petroleum by-products and agricultural waste” for your holiday enjoyment. The Skype video recording may be seen at:

If you would like to have an hour-long consultation with me to help determine the best possibilities are for your new business venture send me a letter to describing the subject materials that you want to talk about. If I think I can help you, we can arrange a follow-up group telephone call. After we have our conversation, I will send you a written report with my recommendations. The charge for this service is $200.  I can assist those who want to do consulting, outdoor media and products, publishing and discuss how to contact appropriate foreign partners.

I recorded both shows at my writing station in my office after doing a mucking out. As one might suspect,  I had accumulated years worth of print photos, 35mm slides and old printed-out stories and photos that needed to be cleared out and this was a good-enough excuse.

As commercial items the old prints and slides are now nearly useless. Few of the editors that I write for will accept prints or slides, and those who still do will have them only if they are the photos of some historic event that I reference in the text.  Authors have limited use of these old materials when they write their books and want to show some photos of their former selves or activities.  I have already done that with my books and E-books on bowfishing, crossbow hunting and muzzleloading, and can no longer justify hanging on to these dusty folders of long-gone life events.

I posted this problem on Facebook, and the general experience of my fellow outdoor writers and photographers was that this material had no real value to anyone and was best sorted and the extra and excess disposed of. I am taking a real “walk down memory lane” now as I sort through these materials. The great majority of them will wind up in the burn pile. I will retain some of the prints and rephotograph some of them in a montage or as single digital images. Others I will keep for someone else to throw out after I am long gone.

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