Tree Lounge Replacement Parts and New Stands Available from Tree Lounger


A new company , Tree Lounger is making climbing tree stands using the same jigs and much of the same equipment used by Tree Lounge in their new facility near Cummings, Georgia.  The first stand produced is the Ground Lounger, a strap-on tree stand, and they are now taking orders for the Tree Lounger climbing stand. The climbing stands are the original square-aluminum tubed design. They are shipped with a safety harness and booklet.

Also offered are replacement parts for the Tree Lounge stand, including knobs, gun holders, bow holders, seats and the complete bow adapter with an aluminum floor, instead of the plywood used in the original stands.  They can also replace the cloth chill paths and cushion.   For information on current offerings and prices go to their website at

I visited the facility last week and did the following video which you may see at:



6 thoughts on “Tree Lounge Replacement Parts and New Stands Available from Tree Lounger

    • Check with Tree Lounger. I don’t know, but they are not too difficult to fabricate. A pair of “U” clamps an axel rod and two salvaged bicycle wheels and a couple of cotter keys can do it.

  1. Had a tree lounge over 20 years ago and loved it but it got stolen. Found it 2 years later in a barn while buying hay from the guy said he never saw it before. Seat was shewed up by a dog and foot climber was gone . Trying to fix it up for my grandson can you help

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