Tree Lounge Seat Repair Crosses 2,000,000 View Threshold

“Seat Repair on a D-Model Tree Lounge Tree Stand,” took my channel past the 2,000,000 view threshold last night.

Finished seat repair

Outdoor videos do not get the traction that popular videos featuring more universal subjects like cats, dogs and kids or that popular entertainers receive. While these may get this many views overnight, practical outdoor materials have less of an audience.

My channel also features a variety of outdoor-related materials and might include topics like muzzleloading hunting, crossbows and bowfishing which are featured in my published books or issues regarding older hunters, since I now qualify in this category. My mind also cannot resist putting up some about various aspects of the arts, health issues, home repair, cooking, writing, comedy, environmental issues and diverse other subjects.

Although sometimes lost in the details of what I do, my general objective is to help people use what they have, or can simply acquire, to live a more sustainable, independent life at whatever age they might be. So also included in this mix of materials are 20 videos on how to start your own business and a series of Profit books, the first of which is Ideas for New Businesses: How to start your own million or billion dollar business. 

IMG_1392 (542x800)

All new businesses, from the largest to the smallest start with an idea.

While not everyone is expected to like, or sometimes even understand, everything that I present in video format; I have now accumulated some 2,400 followers. Again, not all that wonderful so far as numbers are concerned, but they are certainly most welcome. If I can help a few people along the way as I approach the end of life, that is sufficient.

I like the YouTube media somewhat better than  others, including blogging, radio or commercial TV because this is a no-cost effort, can be done under almost any circumstances with very simple equipment, put up and taken down at will; AND I do not have to depend on anyone else to get it done. Although I may pick up “crew” on the spot when I am filming, most of the time these are all produced by me.  You can see the video at:




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