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My book in progress Profit examines the proposition that, “There is nothing in human experience that cannot be turned into profit by an inventive mind. Profit is now being written with an expected completion date in 2015. It will be near-simultaneously published as an E-book and in softcover. The first derivative work based on the Profit concept is a short-form E-book, Ideas for new businesses, that is exclusively available on as an interactive E-book that Amazon Prime customers may read for free. Others may download the E-book for $2.99, and has a free APP to enable it to be read on almost any computer or portable electronic device, including smart phones. The interactive content in the E-book are links to 20 YouTube videos explaining how to start a new business. IMG_1151The soft-cover version of ideas is similar to the E-book in that it contains universally accessible sources for new business ideas that are available to anyone and a new entertainment/theraputic  concept called “Hand Dancing.”   In addition,  the softcover has three log-book sections and pages for additional descriptions providing a portable, private non-hackable record of idea generation that may be posted anywhere. These written records  provide tangible proof of your idea, when you generated it and it may be updated anytime inspiration strikes. The full retail price of the 46-page book is $11.95, but it can be purchased by U.S. customers from my website, for $10.00 plus postage using a PayPal button immediately below the book’s description. Ideas for New Businesses will be introduced at a major international business conference in Asia before an audience of Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 CEOs and Cabinet-level officials from Pacific Rim countries. I was invited to present a paper “Finding the “Creatives” in your corporation and country” and exhibit at this event. This paper will also be published in E-book form and as a chapter and/or appendix in Profit. I expect to also produce blogs and videos of the conference when I return. I anticipate that my activities will result in other invitations to speak, but these will be limited to six a year. Two videos have already been produced. The first “Profit Video 1” outlines the purpose, scope and objectives of the book. It explains that this title is largely based on my experiences and illustrates how one person can generate hundreds of business-related ideas, how to separate them into those that are most usefully actionable at different times in one’s life and offers ample illustrations of how those with a strong-enough drive can launch a business with millions or billions of dollars of potential income. It is not expected that any person would have all the knowledge and skills necessary to launch a major business, but there are many others who do and whose services may contracted-in as needed. With modern E-connections, multi-million dollar businesses can be managed by only a few employees. “Profit Video 2 Revised” has been updated to remove outdated promotions while continuing to offer a one-hour telephone consultation for 10 registrants with a follow-up written report for $200. This video reveals some aspects of the new ideas generated by the book that include immediate ideas for raising money for personal and business uses, six patentable products, new business proposals and many practical suggestions. Those who want a look at the book as I write it may do so on a sliding-scale payment. Until June, this is a one-time payment of $1000 for access to the book manuscript, which will increase in $1000 increments as the book is written. This video may be viewed at: if you have trouble in seeing it here.

As no job, at whatever level, may be assumed to be secure, it is prudent for individuals to have some business-in-progress on their own so as to have something to fall back on if their job should disappear. Ultimately the only job security that a person has is when he is his own boss, and even then unexpected events  may take away that opportunity. The message carried by the Profit series of products is  to always have multiple employment possibilities that you develop for yourself to help insure consistent income throughout life.

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