College Students and Recent Grads Sought to be Executive Officers of New Central GA Company

The following ad will be run in The Sandersville Progress announcing a search for new college grads or present students to become acting executive officers of a company with multi-million dollar sales potential that will be located in Central Georgia. This new-concept company will provide franchised services and training nationwide. The  necessary documents for incorporation will be filed in February, 2015. In the meantime, four candidates for the company’s top positions will receive a week-long training program, become acquainted with each other and plan how the company will be structured, financed, operated and run.

Initial capital may be raised through Kickstarter after some demonstration projects have been completed.  Other financing options will also be investigated. The company services will require hard physical work for 8-hour days, and not only must the officers be desk smart, they must also continuously work to demonstrate methods, build cooperate loyalty and expand their franchise business. Initially, the company president will be Registered Professional Geologist Wm. Hovey Smith, but this position will be relinquished to one of the initial four principals, or some other person, once the company becomes established and Smith’s role will be reduced to that of a consultant, speaker and new product generator.  At this time the company’s slate of officers will be installed.

An immediate difficulty expressed by those most closely related to present High School students is that these recent graduates do not want to do physical labor, a key requirement of these initial positions, but had rather manage their future businesses behind computer and smart-phone screens. In short, they seem unwilling to do real work. This is the reason that I am opening this opportunity to the general public, although the business will still need to be located in Sandersville, Georgia, there will also be very profitable franchised operations located throughout the country.

One reason that I am opening this opportunity to those who are still in college degree programs is that once they know what their responsibilities will be in the new company they will be able to take appropriate courses, have particular aims to discuss with their faculty advisors and more fully benefit from their college experiences. While the ultimate attaining of a degree is expected, gaining useful knowledge, making personal contacts with potential sub-contractors or franchise operators is more significant that a MBA or other such degree. The principals are expected to be life-long learners and be willing to adapt new technologies and techniques as they are available.

Although the company officers will have defined responsibilities, the tasks that they will be allotted to do will depend on their mutually agreed upon abilities and strengths, rather than artificially defined by some cooperate document. Selecting these initial four principals is the most challenging part of this new business concept, because the general aim is not for individuals to advance one over another, as is usual; but for the principals to do whatever is necessary for the company to prosper in the most efficient manner using whatever resources that they possess or can obtain from outside sources. They must also be flexible enough to yield their positions, for the betterment of the company, if a more capable individual is found for their position. The initial group of four principals will retain board member positions with significant responsibilities and compensation as long as they are actively participating in company affairs.

The ad that will run in The Progress the first week in November is copied below.

Applications from students and recent college graduates to become CEO, CFO, Chief Communication Officer and Head of IT for new national company in Sandersville, Georgia.

A new concept franchise company to provide services, training and products on a national scale will be started in 2015. Applications are now being solicited from recent college graduates and present college students to become company officers with unlimited earning potentials.

Ideal candidates are those who can do physical labor for an 8-hour day, have farming-related skills, excellent communication abilities, be life-long learners and willing to make the 24/7 commitment to make their company a success.

Resumes must be received by noon November 25, 2014, to qualify for a day-long test to be conducted in Sandersville on November 30. Those who are accepted must attend a week-long training to be held in Sandersville starting December 14.

Along with the resume, a written personnel evaluation of William Hovey Smith gathered from on-line resources must be submitted.


Documents are to be sent to Profit Companies, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd., Sandersville, GA, 31082.



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