Audio-Visual Tree Lounge Tree Stand Manual

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There is a need to provide owners’ manuals for those who are purchasing used Tree Lounge tree stands. Out of a concern for public safety, I have produced an audio-visual version for the original U.S.-made stands as a YouTube video which includes some pages from an original 1993 manual. This is now posted at:

The original manuals are copyrighted, and I cannot just copy them without violation of existing copyright unless I make a publishing arrangement with the copyright owner. As all of the companies that produced the stands like AHE, Inc. and its successor, CESSO, L.L.C., (and maybe others) are now out of business, I do not know who owns the rights to the manuals or if they perished when the company’s assets were sold. If you believe that you own the copyrights to Tree Lounge manuals please contact me, and I will come to an agreement with you in regards to their re-publication and sale.

Tree Lounge stands were/are very strong, safe stands if used correctly. However, there are risks for inexperienced users in regards to adjusting the climbing bar, attempting to climb too small a tree, not using the leveling wedge correctly as well as the rather disconcerting fact that the foot bar will very often slip down the tree when the climber removes his feet. When the foot-piece falls, hefty safety straps on each side will retain it and allow it to be pulled back up, provided that the new owner attached the straps correctly when he climbed the tree. If he did not he might find himself 30-feet up a tree facing a very perilous descent with his foot piece resting quite comfortably at the base of the tree.

Items that I have to date are a Catalogue from 1999 (fairly late versions of the old model stands and accessories), Tree-Lounge Owner’s Manual from 1993, yellow Caution sheet and instruction sheets for the Bow Hunting Adapter, Gun Holder and Bow Holder. If you have more recent manuals for later-model Tree Lounge stands or instruction sheets for other accessories and no longer need them, please contact me at, and I will add these to the video/s.

My concern in doing this is to again make this information readily available to the public and add information based on my experiences with the stands so that new Tree Lounge owners can have safe climbing experiences with their stands. This video is now available at:

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  2. Dear Mr. hovey

    My grandfather has passed his tree lounge tree stand to me , but without a owner’s manual. I’m 30 years of age and I have used the tree lounge before. This is the first tree lounge before and I have acquired 2 of the D models. I understand your concern with the copy rights. Instead of making a copy. Make a video on YouTube just going through the pages and showing the pages. That way we can pause the video and read it. I’ve watch the video on your channel that shows 3 pages I think. I would also like the measurements for the wooden wedge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and good day.

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