New TV Show, “Welcome to our North,” to have segments with Hovey Smith

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A new hour-long outdoor variety TV show hosted by Colleen Van Ells will have cooking and outdoor life segments featuring Wm. Hovey Smith. The new show, “Welcome to Our North” will have its first broadcast on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM, EST. This show has segments featuring a hunter taking a record whitetail buck, salmon fishing, a Segway Human Transporter tour of a state park, a paintball episode and Hovey’s segment featuring wild hog sausage. A low-resolution advanced peek at the show may be viewed at:

“What I do on this show is to take on my usual outrageous “Backyard Sportsman” character and often cook wild game or engage in other activities like pulling weed trees out of my yard, hunting, bowfishing or shooting some of my muzzleloading guns,” Smith said. “The ideal is to present short, entertaining segments that will hopefully provide a bit of information as well produce a few chuckles as I ply my quaint hunting arts with a blunderbuss and other muzzleloaders.” YouTube versions of many of these episodes are up on Smith’s wmhoveysmith YouTube Channel and are often related to activities described in some of his eight published outdoor books or new 8-book E-book series “Muzzleloading Short Shots” that will be produced in 2013.

Although most segments shown on “Welcome to Our North” are from the Northern-Central states, Hovey’s contributions for 2013 will be from his home state of Georgia, Texas, Mississippi and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Produced footage is going to be used on this show from all parts of the country, and if you have some high resolution video and audio footage you can contact Van Ells about having her run it on her program. No compensation will be given, but you will receive national exposure for your activities. You may correspond directly with her at: and look at the show’s website at

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