New Book “Shooting and Maintaining your Muzzleloader” is now available

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Shooting and Maintaining your Muzzleloader


How to make your muzzleloader most effective and keep it working under almost any conditions.

Sandersville, GA., Shooting and Maintaining your Muzzleloader is the third of Wm. Hovey Smith’s eight E-books in the Muzzleloading Short Shots series to be published in 2013. The 50-page book is now available on as a Kindle title for $5.99.  Within three weeks it will also be sold by Barnes & Noble as a Nook Book as well as from Apple’s iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie and eSentral for the same price. For those who do not have E-readers, a pdf file that may be read on any computer and many E-connected devices can be ordered via PayPal from the author’s website for $7.00.

In the book the author discusses modern muzzleloading powders, percussion and flintlock ignition systems, shooting a matchlock, percussion revolvers, muzzleloading bullets, appropriate charges for different classes of game, the accuracy of muzzleloading guns, cleaning, muzzleloading accessories and concludes with a chapter on “Getting your muzzleloader ready to hunt in one day.”

The book’s 17 chapters offer practical information based on the author’s 50 years of experiences hunting with these guns in North America, Europe and Africa. In addition, he also participated in many National Muzzleloading Rifle Association matches.

Although some information in this book has been previously published, much appears here for the first time or is from publications that are no longer accessible. Smith’s exploration of this topic is an on-going process as he is the Corresponding Editor for Black Powder for the Gun Digest Annual, a frequent blogger and has posted more than 220 YouTube videos on outdoor topics.

Taking advantage of the E-books unique capabilities, live links are provided to videos and other resources. Additional resources include up-to-date suppliers’ websites and contact information.

Not every shooter will own every gun featured in this book. However, Shooting and Maintaining Your Muzzleloader provides a unique look at modern replica guns and information on many models that have been discontinued, but are available on the used gun market.

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Click on the iBooks image to order the book

Books already published in the Muzzleloading Short Shots series are Book 1. Muzzleloaders for Hunters ($4.99) and Book 2, Buying Used Muzzleloading Guns ($4.99). Book 4. Hunting with Muzzleloading Shotguns and Smoothbore Muskets, is now in progress.  Also planned for release in 2013 are Book 5. Hunting Big and Small Game with Muzzleloading Pistols, Book 6. Hunting with Muzzleloading Revolvers, Book 7. Muzzleloading Guns for Self Defense and Book 8. Building or Restoring Your Own Muzzleloader. All of these titles will be available from the same E-book outlets.

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