Kickstarter funding for “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” radio show May 10 – June 15, 2012


Sixty episodes of the prize-winning podcast of Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures were produced by one guy during 2011-12. That guy is me, Wm. Hovey Smith. Kickstarter funding is being solicited to replace XP and Vista computers, install a telephone-recording system, get better video stuff for my supporting YouTube videos and move me out of the kitchen.  To donate go to the Kickstarter site at:

  Geographic areas where last year’s shows were recorded ranged from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to Butler Island on the Georgia coast, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to Kellogg, Idaho, and points in between.

  A boost to small-town America is given in my occasional Hunt Destination series where I feature locations like Seward, Nebraska, and Currituck, North Carolina, to give them a bit of an economic lift with radio and video  coverage.

  Show topics have been as varied as the locations. Items covered included not only hunting deer,  bear, elk, alligator, turkey, geese, swan, squirrel and snipe; but also environmental restoration of the Gulf Coast, how to start an outdoor-based business, holistic health and human relations – all done with a touch of humor.

  Diversity is also exhibited in the shows’ formats. Trade show coverage sometimes featured as many as 20 exhibitors, while on other occasions I have carried the hour-long show by myself, as when I described my home town of Sandersville, Georgia. On other occasions, I have employed a bit of old-time radio drama complete with the sounds  effects of a back-alley bar at closing time.

  The thrusts of my outdoor books, radio shows, blogs and videos is to provide factual and entertaining information about the outdoors that a person can use to provide for himself and his family.  This is not about me killing so big a such-and-such animal, but is more likely how to drag a road-killed deer home and make meals from it for yourself and your pets as inexpensively as possible.

   Because this is the equipment that I mostly use, write about and know; muzzleloading guns of all sorts, crossbows, axes and knives often figure in my stories and sometimes unexpectedly appear even in the cooking sections. This makes for interesting radio and videos as well as providing tangible links to past times and recent history.

  Cooking and eating wild game has always been a part of my life, and I purchase almost no store-bought meats. I have adapted and developed many wild game recipes that are often featured on my radio show and YouTube videos. Perhaps the most outlandish of these was Bear Paw Pumpkin Soup for Halloween. This recipe was not all that tasty, but was interesting to cook – maybe with a touch of nutmeg?

The concept of making a living from an outdoor-related business was investigated during one radio show and followed up with 21 YouTube videos on the wmhoveysmithchannel which, step-by-step, takes a person through the process from deciding on what business for him/her to do, how to go about it and even what to do with a business after you die. A general overview was provided in a fun bit on a radio show where Professore Logi “Bubba” Pisquale return home to Podunkville, U.S.A., from the University of Padua in Italy, and spoke at a gathering of locals at the Road Kill Cafe where a deer freshly asphalt-aged from nearby Interstate 20 provided the meal. One of the introductory videos may be seen at:   

   My creative ability to produce ground-breaking radio is still going strong, but I do need some updated hardware and a move out of the kitchen to continue in an effective manner.  To see the video associated with the Kickstarter project go to: To donate go to my Kickstarter site at:

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