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Wm. Hovey Smith

  Blog surfing is about as addictive as its TV equivalent, and has as little value. To extract something useful from a book, TV or blog, some attention must be paid to the material or you are just reacting to stimuli, rather than learning.  It is more time-consuming to dig for information, but once earned, some of it will  “stick,” and you will be able to make a plan to improve your life.

  I have been around for some 70 years and have experienced a lot of  living. Some if it was very good, and at other times not so hot.  Finally, I have figured out who I am. I am an idea guy. I produce a lot of ideas which are presented in my books, blogs and radio shows; but I am most satisfied when I can come up with new concepts, compared to putting all of my energy into a new business to make it  work. I had rather let you use my concepts and make money from them.

 I tried a direct approach with 21 “Starting your own outdoor business”  YouTube videos. This series takes you through the business process from conception to disposing of it when you die. Although I discuss aspects of  outdoor-based businesses, these tips will work for any business. Should you want suggestions as to what business to start, these are scattered throughout my blogs, books and radio shows. This is where the digging and “fun” comes in. There are more than 100 business concepts concealed, sometimes as gag ads, in my radio shows, suggested in my books or illustrated in my videos.

  I have one of the most highly rated WordPress blogs. If you are a blogger, or want to be, there is much to be learned from them.

 Are they perfect?  No they are not.

 Will you agree with everything I have to say? I sure hope not.

 What you will find in all of my works is the unexpected, unusual and sometimes strange.  This is perhaps best illustrated by my “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures”   radio shows on WebTalkRadio.net.  These shows are highly variable. There are some that have a format, such as my coverage of trade shows. Others, might be absolutely “out of the blue” for an outdoor-radio show; but I work in cooking, chiropractic care and global warming as well as my usual hunting and fishing materials.

 I trust that I have convinced you  that I do come up with ideas. Some of these are things that you can turn into multi-million dollar businesses. However, they are only of value if you adapt them to your needs, personality, outlook and drive to succeed. This you must do yourself.

 Make a game out of  it. Go through my materials and write down what is of potential value to you. These might be wildly diverse. Some could be direct business tips, others might be about  interpersonal relationships (the most difficult thing that we do in our entire lives) or how to improve your health and lifestyle. All of these are there  for you to find.

  Perhaps the most useful of my 16 books is,  Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound.  This title is available as an E-book from Amazon.com. Among my blog posts is an index to my first 150 postings to my “Backyard Deer Hunting  Blog.” This will allow you to select those which are of  interest to you.  YouTube lists my videos on the “wmhoveysmith channel.” The most potentially useful of my radio shows are on “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures.”  Once you go to my show page on WebTalkRadio.com, you will be able to pull down descriptions of  nearly a years’ worth of  hour-long shows.

 The quickest access to all of this is through my website, www.hoveysmith.com. There you will find a link to my radio show, descriptions of my outdoor books and at the very bottom of the page links to my blogs. 

  Spend the day with me and perhaps change your life for the better. It will cost you nothing, but the time you are willing to invest. This time is the only thing that  has real value and that you can never replace, use it wisely. Take a look, and grab what you need.    

 If I help you, and you feel a desire to donate something, I have a donate button on my website,  www.hoveysmith.com.

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