How To Start Your Own Business Teleseminar Aug. 18 at 5:00 AM Eastern


Free Teleseminar for Outdoor Business Start Ups

5:00 AM, August 18, 2011


Financing is a vital resource for starting a business and getting through the down-periods of the business cycle.

Sandersville, GA. The world of outdoor activities is an exciting business opportunity for many men and women. The challenge is to take this desire, formulate a plan and successfully execute that plan to make it into an income-generating business in these difficult economic times.

Wm. Hovey Smith, the author of 15 books, blogger, playwright, videographer and radio host, will conduct a free teleseminar at 5:00 A.M. Eastern time on August 18, 2011, on ”Starting an Outdoor Business.” This unusual time was selected so that those who have jobs or families can join in before the day’s usual activities prevent them from participating.  

This will be a one hour call-in event. Those who wish to start their lives into a new direction can send an E-mail to, and  the call-in number will be provided. They can also submit one question which Smith will attempt to answer during the event (as many as time permits), and there will also be a chance for questions during it. A written report will be available for a small fee following the teleseminar that will also give participants access to a private channel YouTube video of the seminar that they can share with others.  

Outdoor-based businesses may have many aspects. They might be introducing a new product, re-packaging existing products, retail sales, public relations, writing, videography, producing artworks, real estate or combine several elements into a unique business model suited to an individual’s needs, interests and desires. 

All of us are differently gifted and challenged. The trick is using what skills we have to best advantage, identifying and acquiring the skills that we do not have and turning these into a successful money-making business that can fulfill our needs. 

These are the topics that this seminar will address. Join one of the most innovative thinkers in the outdoor business world in learning how to start your own successful business by sending your contact information to and signing up for this exciting event. Registration closes at midnight Pacific Time on  August 16.


                           Starting an Outdoor Business: 20 Tips for Success

 A YouTube version of this is also available at: if you have any problems viewing it below. After I recorded the video, I added a bonus 21st tip to the written materials.

Tip 1. Starting Your Outdoor Business

              1. Control own destiny

              2. Income

              3. Financial Security

              4. Social Interactions

              5. Learning

              6. Meet Life Goals

              7. Leave a Legacy

Tip 2. Live Your Passion: Convert your hobby into your business.

              1. Creative Work

              2. Mechanical Skills

              3. Agriculture

              4. Retailing

              5. Trading

              6. Marketing

Tip 3. Evaluate Your Skills

              1. Professional

              2. Training

              3. Self Starter

              4. Tolerance for Long-Term Projects 

              5. Communications

              6. Mechanical

              7. Money

              8. People

              9. Family

Tip 4. Weighing Your Objectives

              1. Income Gain

              2. Income Loss

              3. Supplemental Income

              4. Material Accumulation

              5. Stop-gap Employment

              6. Resume Enhancement 

Tip 5. Market Reach

              1. Local – Often too small a vision

              2. Regional – Better

              3. National – Better Yet

              4. International – Best

Tip 6. Prototyping Your Business Model

              1. Time Required

              2. Physical Plant

              3. Communications

              4. Storage

              5. Transportation

              6. Inventory

              7. Labor

              8. Finances

              9. Many More: Attempt  to foresee as completely as possible every aspect of your expenses and income. Be as realistic as possible. This is the information that you will take to your banker for a loan.  Even if you don’t, you need to accurately know projected costs and income.

Tip 7. Judging the Competition

          1. Local – Who, What, Where, What Price?

          2. Regional                          ”

          3. National                          “

          4. International                “

          5. Internet – Global reach, no store costs. How can I compete?

Tip 8. Fire in the Belly

          1. Time Commitment

          2. Enthusiasm

          3. Stamina

          4. Overcoming Nay-sayers

          5. Associate with Winners

          6. Uncertainty about your commitment is an almost sure guarantee of failure.

Tip 9. Partnering

          1. People with Complementary Skills

          2. Need to Know Their Stuff

          3. Barter Services

          4. Affiliations

          5. Partners May be Worldwide

Tip 10. Gathering Resources (Video not available)

          1. Physical Plant

          2. Equipment

          3. Electronics: Hardware and software.

          4. Personal Comfort

          5. Perishable Items

Tip 11. Training

           1. Independent Study

           2. Community Colleges

           3. On-line

           4. Spouse-Family

           5. Senior Colleges and Universities

           6. Special Courses

           7. Seminars

           8. Business Coaching 

Tip 12. Naming Your Business

          1. Personal – Not the best.

          2. Product  – Name should say something about the products or work being done.

          3. Generic Option – Class of things or services

          4. Poor – Alphabet soup or cute names

           5. Google Searchable

Tip 13. Legal Issues

            1. Registering Your Brand

            2. Copyrighting Products or Getting Patents

            3. Deciding Legals: Incorporating, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, LLC

            4. Lawyer

Tip 14. Financing

          1. Self Financing

          2. Relatives

          3. Bank Loan

          4. Small Business Loan

          5. Venture Capital

          6. Credit Cards: WORST POSSIBLE CHOICE.

Tip 15.  Launching

          1. Pre-launch Buzz

          2. Launch Announcements: Local, Regional, National.

          3. Free Public Relations

          4. Paid Ads

          5. Multiple Media

Tip 16. Evaluation

          1. Bottom Line – Sales vs. Expectations

          2. Analysis – In House or Outside

          3. Adjusting Business Plan

          4. Evaluate Every Three Months



Tip 17. Market Reach

          1. Expanding to Next Level – City, Region, State, National

          2. Social Media – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Other

          3. Service – Information, Teaching, Coaching, Repairs, Management  

Tip 18. Going Global

           1. International Sales

           2. International Marketing

           3. International Partners

           4. Mostly Internet Enabled – Both growth in sales and business resources.

Tip 19. Liquidation

           1. Selling Your Successful Business – All Out or Still In

           2. Perils of Retained Interests

           3. Liquidation of Assets

Tip 20. Restarts: Doing it Again

           1.  Starting a Second New Business

           2. Related Field

           3. Non-Competitive

           4. Do Your Homework. Just because you had one successful business does not mean that your next attempt will succeed.

Tip 21. Passing On Your Business

          1. Partners

          2. Spouse

          3. Children

          4. Family

          5. Non-Profit



Register for the free teleseminar by sending your E-mail address to No addresses will ever be sold or shared.

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