Finding a New Concept for Your Start-Up Business

  With more people seeking to start their own home-based businesses it is difficult to compete if you are doing the same thing as hundreds of other people. If you can find a “new” concept for your owner-operated business your chances of success are increased.

  Look for opportunities that are not “beat to death” in the marketplace that offer real value to the people who need them.  Perhaps there is an un-met need in your community that you can fill. This may have nothing to do with products, but might well be supplying a vital service on a as-needed basis. Think locally, nationally and internationally to see how you can increase the potential for making some serious money from home.

  No one ever said that a person had to do only one thing. I experiment with many things, but a more sure path to success is to pick a good idea and then give it your full-time attention. The following video will give you an overview of the concept and some practical examples. This is one of my 21 tips on starting an outdoor-based business, but this concept is equally valid for any new business venture.  

  If you have problems viewing it here it is also up on YouTube at:

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