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Your business legacy: Passing it on.

  Deciding what to do with your successful business is something that one hopes to have considerable time to ponder, but death comes to everyone. Sooner, rather than later, you need to determine what is to become of  the business in which you have invested so much time and sweat. If you have a partner, or if your spouse is your partner,  that decision is automatic; but in more complicated situations some pre-death planning on your part is preferred.

  What you do not want to happen is to have this business hang like a stone around someone’s neck. You need to allow sufficient flexibility to allow the new owner/s to respond to market changes. A couple of things are certain. You will die and business conditions will change. Whoever operates your business will need to be able to change product lines, production methods, strategies, locations, markets, etc. as needed to have the business prosper.

  Obvious candidates to receive your business are your partner/s, spouse, children, other relatives or employees. Above all, you do not want to leave it to someone who does not want it or who is not as passionate about your business as you were. Often it is the passion and drive of the original owner that keeps a business viable. After that spark is gone, many businesses fail.

  Your business should not be considered as a monument to you to be operated without change. If operated this way the business will very quickly be as dead as you are. Each generation needs to be able to grow the business. There are outdoor businesses that have survived the third and fourth generations of family ownership. To to this they must change with the times.

  The following is one of 21 YouTube  videos on “Starting your own outdoor-based business.” If you have trouble viewing it here it may be seen on YouTube at:  I will be producing a book and CD on this topic. If you would like notification when these are ready please send me your E-mail address to I also do one-on-one business consulting in person and via telephone. If I think that I can help you, I will on a fee basis of $200 an hour plus expenses. If I do not think that I can provide what you need, I have other resources that I can recommend at no charge.

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Hunt Destination: Washington County, Georgia

Washington County Courthouse on the town square. This replaced the one burned by Sherman's Army during the American Civil War.

Rea Garrett, an avid community booster at the Chamber of Commerce.  Everyone likes to boost their home town, and I was not embarrassed to talk about hunting in Sandersville, Georgia, and Washington County on  “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” to air on  November 18, 2011.  It is Spring, the flowering shrubs and bulbs are blooming, and the town was freshly washed by a thunderstorm.  I felt good about giving an unabashed endorsement of  this area as a place to hunt, work, live and maybe even start your own business.

  In my lifetime the county has changed from small-field agricultural plantings to forest

A variety of hunting opportunities are available within the county.

culture and the game has adapted. Largely gone now are the quail which my father hunted so avidly, but now we have deer, geese, wild turkeys, alligators and wild hogs in abundance along with some not-so-much wanted species like coyotes, armadillos and fire ants. With fewer people  living in rural areas, bear are becoming more common and soon there will probably also be a state-wide bear season.

  Landowners commonly lease their properties to hunting clubs as a way of obtaining income from it every year as their trees grow and some leases are now available because of the down economy. One may also purchase hunting lands within the county. With a variety of habitat including swamplands, upland tracts, hills and generally good drainage, more opportunities exist for a greater variety of game and hunting methods than are found in more coastal Georgia.

  This is part of an occasional radio series that I do on “Hunting Small Town America.”  A previous show featured Seward, Nebraska. Similar shows will be done in other states in coming months. If you would like your small town featured, contact me at I do need to have my expenses covered for the trip and a hunting or bowfishing opportunity of some sort for a story segment.

Kaolin pit prior to reclamation. Reclaimed lands are often better hunting properties than they were before mining.

  Kaolin, China clay, mining has been a considerable economic boost to the county in providing high-paying  jobs and bringing in a highly educated work force while also financing civic improvements including a regional hospital, technical school and branch college campus.

  To hear this episode of “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” go to my website, and click on the live link for the show page immediately below the banner. This will bring up my page on If it is not the current show, click on the “archived shows” tab on the top of the page to see a list of my past shows.

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Finding a New Concept for Your Start-Up Business

  With more people seeking to start their own home-based businesses it is difficult to compete if you are doing the same thing as hundreds of other people. If you can find a “new” concept for your owner-operated business your chances of success are increased.

  Look for opportunities that are not “beat to death” in the marketplace that offer real value to the people who need them.  Perhaps there is an un-met need in your community that you can fill. This may have nothing to do with products, but might well be supplying a vital service on a as-needed basis. Think locally, nationally and internationally to see how you can increase the potential for making some serious money from home.

  No one ever said that a person had to do only one thing. I experiment with many things, but a more sure path to success is to pick a good idea and then give it your full-time attention. The following video will give you an overview of the concept and some practical examples. This is one of my 21 tips on starting an outdoor-based business, but this concept is equally valid for any new business venture.  

  If you have problems viewing it here it is also up on YouTube at:

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First of 21 Tips on Starting Your Own Outdoor-Based Business Posted on YouTube

  With un-and-underemployment rates still very high in many parts of the country, many are considering starting their own home-based businesses. Some would like to have a business that is outdoor-related, and there are numerous possibilities. These include traditional activities like guiding and gardening,  writing books,  producing videos or making useful products for outdoorsmen.  The most promising opportunities will reach  regional and international markets.

  This series of videos is designed to outline the basic steps that are needed to select the best business opportunity, tell how to make it profitable and ultimately how to leave a successful business to your family. More complete coverage of these topics will be in a forthcoming book and CD.

  If you would like to receive notification of the book or CD,  please send your E-mail address to

  I have posted a sample video below,  “Tip 3, Evaluating your skills.” If you have problems viewing it here you can see it on YouTube at: