Turkey Madness in the “A’Fixing to Go Turkey Hunting” Stage

Turkey on the kitchen table. The successful end to a muzzleloading turkey hunt.

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  Excessive-complusive behaviour is nothing new to turkey hunters and may extend for months prior to opening day as turkey hunters go through the "A'Fixing to Go Turkey Hunting" stage. During this period the hunter gets himself ready for turkey season by practicing his calling, gathering even more gear than he already has, looking at turkey videos and very often driving his/her spouse and kids to distraction while he exercises his quaint arts.

  I take a humorous look at this during an hour-long episode of "Hovey's Outdoor Adventures" where I describe my own preparations including getting a flintlock rifle ready using a 1-3,000-year-old broken arrowhead for a flint. This gun was one of those featured in another show, "Gun Talk 101," a few weeks ago. To listen to the new show you can go to the WebTalkRadio.net show at:   http://webtalkradio.net/shows/hoveys-outdoor-adventures/. The show will be live March 29, 2011 and may be accessed after that by clicking on the “Archived Shows” tab on the WebTalk page.

  A companion video on “A’Fixing” in regards to turkey hunting appears below. If you have trouble viewing it here it is also accessible on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKNQJz1_dYU.

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