Slow Downloads with Telephones and Low-Speed Connections

  The very qualities that make the Backyard Deer Hunting Blog attractive and useful slow connections speeds on devices with limited memory and low operating speeds. My use of multiple photos, videos and internal links unfortunately make these blog entries very slow to bring up on dial-up connections and most telephones. That is the present state of technology. The only real user solution is to use faster systems and more capable portable devices.

  Things can be improved somewhat if you access this blog directly by linking to, rather than using a window on my website, This will help some telephone users, but unfortunately even direct access will not help dial-up users. Higher speed and more available memory are the best solutions.

  Another alternative is to obtain much of this information from my books Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound,  Crossbow Hunting, Practical Bowfishing and X-Treme Muzzleloading. The last title will be available later this year as will a DVD version of  Backyard Deer Hunting.  Both are now in the final stages of production, but, as almost always, seem to take longer to get out that they seemingly ought to. For muzzleloading information you can also consult my annual review of this topic in Gun Digest and I write fairly often about knives in the monthly publication Knife World.  Yet another way to access my materials is through my radio shows. There is the archived show “The Backyard Sportsman” on VoiceAmerica Sports Radio where 13 mostly instructional shows will be found and may be listened to anytime, and my active weekly show “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” with current and archived shows on Both sets of shows have hunting-fishing information and cooking segments, and there is also a business-starting segment on “The Backyard Sportsman.”

  My objective is to provide the best available information on these topics in a variety of formats, although not everything will be accessible to all users on every device.

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