Cooking Black Bear: A simple and tasty stew

Much black bear meat is discarded each year because people do not know how to cook it well.

  Black bear meat has the reputation of being tough and stringy. If it is put into a fry pan and fried, that is the usual result. A far better way to cook this meat is to make a bear stew from the tendon-rich cuts from the shoulders and lower legs. This is aided by using a pressure cooker. First the meat is floured and browned, then mixed with vegetables, and pressure cooked for about 20 minutes after the cooker has reached operating pressure. Serve with a robust wine and with vegetables like butternut squash that have distinctive tastes.

  Prepared this way, black bear, even the lowest quality cuts, may be turned into delicious meals as shown in the following video. If you have trouble seeing it here, an identical version is on YouTube at :

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