Sponsors, Ads and Book Sales Needed to Keep Radio Shows on the Air

  Like any business venture, radio shows cost money to produce and this must be forthcoming from sponsorship, ads, sales of books, guifts and grants. My previous show on VoiceAmerica Sports, ”The Backyard Sportsman,” is a solid, high-information-content show; but failed in 10 weeks to produce sufficient sponsorships or product sales to continue broadcasting.

  I think that this is disappointing because I  believe that I was, and am through iTune on-demand re-broadcast, reaching a younger market that needs solid information on hunting and outdoor topics. This market will continue to expand and after only a month, I was reaching over 10,000 listeners.  If after hearing  a few shows you think likewise, consider sponsoring a revitalization of this show or purchase some of my books and other products.

  My new show “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures,” faces exactly the same challenges and will have the same fate if sponsorships, ads or book sales are not forthcoming. The message is simple, “If you want my show, then buy my stuff and/or help me find sponsors for it.” Although the new show will be adventure and storytelling based which would appeal to a larger audience, it has exactly the same requirements to be a money-producing business.

  For those who were following my Outdoor Business Modules on The “Backyard Sportsman,”  these will be continued through the new show until all 21 are covered. For a review,  go to http://www.thebackyardsportsman.wordpress.com to see a list of the Modules that were covered in past shows. If there is interest, I will publish a whitepaper with an outline of the Modules. Watch for that on my website, www.hoveysmith.com.   

   A YouTube video was recorded to make these points. To view it, click on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbW4R3SGrXc&layer_token=a728edcaca126e66 or watch below.

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