Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Radio starts in Nov.

Radio web-page photo for Hovey's new show with WebTalkRadio.Net.

  Hovey will start a new Internet radio program “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” on WebTalkRadio.Net in November, 2010. This will be an hour-long entertainment-based show as compared to the content-based “The Backyard Sportsman” now appearing on VoiceAmerica Sports radio.  Story telling from both Hovey and his guests will dominate the new show which will also contain segments on wild-game cooking and starting an outdoor business.

  Click on the video below for a personal announcement. If you have problems viewing this version, this video is also on available on YouTube by activating the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNvqdiUwE3w&layer_token=00e2247dba1f83cd.

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