Joel Davis’ Extendable Survival Knife

Joel Davis shows his new extendable survival knife to the author. The blade deploys in two sections greatly increasing the length of the knife.

   At the 2010 Atlanta Blade Show, Joel Davis, who is noted for producing remarkably complex patterns in Damascus steel, introduced an innovative double-locked-back knife with a folded length of 7 1/4-inches and a deployed length of about 18-inches.

  To date, two knives of this pattern have been made.  The prototype was all steel, but the second model employed titanium as part of the frame, blade and liner mechanisms to reduce the knife’s carry weight. Although it cannot be seen in the photo or  video, all of the steel, including the blade and screws,  are patterned Damascus steel.  The central part of the blade is a coarsely serrated saw blade made of aircraft-grade titanium.  

  Production models will have a half-inch shorter handle and be frame locked, both of which will reduce the weight and bulk of the knife. The knife, which will sell for about $2,500, includes a carrying sheath, sling and custom fitted foam-lined carry box.

  For more information on Davis’ knives and steels go to For information on prices and product delivery, inquire directly to

  A copy of the video (below) has also been posted on YouTube at: which may run better on your computer than the version appearing below. If you are having any trouble viewing this one, a click on the above address will quickly take you to the smooth-running YouTube version.

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