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  Besides this blog, there are several other ways to read my works. The newest is to follow my articles on the E-Magazine, Pedersoli No. 1, which is now working on issue  No. 3. The first two issues are archived and are available on-line.  My articles from nearly 50-years of hunting all over the world with muzzleloading guns will be featured in this publication. This E-zene is free, and you may subscribe by activating  a subscription link.

  I also publish in many magazines, such as Muzzle Blasts, that post some of their articles on-line. In addition, some of my newspaper and other writings will be posted by Google and other search engines. As I am blessed with an uncommon name, Hovey, almost any link with Hovey and  hunting, crossbow, bowfishing, cooking, knives and, most recently, marketing will not only bring up my books; but also related articles.

  I purposefully do not post long items on this blog, but provide what I believe to be sufficient info to cover the topic and sometimes supplement this with a brief video. I also have videos on Youtube and photos on Flickr. Commonly, the Youtube videos are longer and of better quality than those published on the blog. These videos may be accessed by activating a link on the right-hand side of my blog.

  My book, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound, is available as an E-book as well as on most E-reader book platforms. These may be purchased through Amazon.com and other E-book retailers worldwide for $7.99 U.S.  Crossbow Hunting is being carried by distributors in Europe, South Africa and India that I know of at present.   Practical Bowfishing  is available from Amazon.com and other electronic book-sales outlets. If ordered directly from me, the U.S. cost is $20 for pre-paid orders.

  A Google for Pedersoli No. 1  will find that publication for you as well as provide the quickest access to my other works.

  I am giving away a free 5-day hunt for the best 600-word essay written by a Facebook Fan  by September 1. details are provided in an earlier post.

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