Become a Fan on Facebook, Write Why You Want to Hunt, Hunt With Wm. Hovey Smith

Paul Presley with his first "muzzleloaded" deer taken with a traditional CVA Hawken rifle. Paul Presley with his first muzzleloaded deer taken with a CVA Hawken rifle.  

 I will give a free five-day hunt (including food and lodging)  to one Facebook Fan who sends me the best 600 word explanation of why they want to come to Whitehall and hunt with me.  This essay must be submitted by September 1, 2010.  

  To be considered, the winner must be at least 10 years old. If the winning essay is by a minor he/she must be accompanied by a parent (or responsible adult). The winner, if  16 or older, must have passed a hunter safety course in their state, province or country.  A hunter-safety certificate is a requirement, even if the participant has been “grandfathered in”  by their state’s regulations. Only the winner may take game, although the parent may observe and will also be fed and housed.  Hunters and observers need to bring appropriate clothing.   

 Essay subjects may be on anything covered in my three books, Backyard Deer Hunting, Crossbow Hunting,  or Practical Bowfishing  or my videos,  Marketing Creative Content  and  Cleaning Road-Killed Deer: The uncut, unedited video.   Topics, such as muzzleloading hunting which will be  covered in new books and videos published prior to September, will also be considered.      

No entry fee is required.  The winner and his/her essay will be published on this site on September 4, 2010. 

Women and kids over 10-years old may participate in this offer.

The winner must provide their own transportation to Atlanta, Georgia. I will drive them to and from their flights.  Hunters may choose to hunt with  crossbow, muzzleloading gun, cartridge gun, slug shotgun or pistol. I will provide the hunting tools, instruction, guide them on the hunt and instruct in the recovery, processing and cooking of their game. Their game, or equivalent amount, will be frozen and given to them to take home.  

Although the probability of success is reasonable, this is not a guaranteed hunt. Success probabilities are greatest in archery,  muzzleloader and early gun seasons and generally decrease thereafter.  

Winners must pay for their flights to and from Atlanta, any excess baggage fees on their game and purchase their licenses. Georgia hon-resident licenses are inexpensive and usually run about $160. They may be purchased on-line from the GA Department of Natural Resources Website by setting up an account. This account will also allow residents and non-residents to apply for quota hunts including deer, waterfowl and alligator.  

Winners will be well looked after. They will stay with me at Whitehall and be extended Southern Hospitality. This is intended to be a learning experience.  

The first step is to go to the right hand column of my home page of and check the line  “Become a Fan of my book on Facebook.” You will then be taken to a Facebook page where you may sign up. Essays need to be type written and  mailed to Wm. Hovey Smith, Whitehall, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd., Sandersville, GA 31082. 

 Mail-in book  orders with checks may be sent to the same address. Check the website for current prices. A special price of $20 for Practical Bowfishing will be extended for  prepaid mail-in orders. No purchase is necessary to participate in the contest.   

Become a Fan, write a good essay and have a good chance of going on a hunt. Within the next few years, I will have a video competition, but no videos will be accepted for this contest.

8 thoughts on “Become a Fan on Facebook, Write Why You Want to Hunt, Hunt With Wm. Hovey Smith

    • Selena,
      I will be doing some things with music too. The music for the video that I just shot on some topics that I mentioned in “Backyard Deer Hunting” is Steven Foster’s “Hard Times.” I am now adapting it with some new lyrics to use for the intro and exit music for the video.

      “Many days have you lingered by my cabin door.” Hard times. Hard times. Come here no more.”

      Foster’s song, written in the 1830s speaks very powerfully to us today.

      In an earlier post I have a 2-minute video about the filming and photos.

      Wm. Hovey Smith

    • I purchased the blog design from AuthorHouse as part of a book package. The price was less than $400 and much, much less than anyone doing a custom blog for me. The interconnected features between Facebook, Twitter, etc. and the blog are of particular value.

    • Dear Sandi,

      My reason for writing the posts that I put on this blog is to fill what I feel are people’s needs in the areas of getting by in today’s economy.

      Things where I saw needs were in food gathering (My books Backyard Deer Hunting, Crossbow Hunting and Practical Bowfishing are about this.), selling creative content (books, movies & etc.), lifestyle changes, really workable aspects of philosophy and a brief escape from today’s terrible economy and events.

      I explore these themes as I stumble upon them or they on me.

      This approach is completely contrary to the usual convention which is that a blog must be confined to one narrow aspect of any given subject material.

      That approach did not work for me. I have many interest, and I write about them here. Soon there will be postings about my new Christmas short story, play and screenplay. This will follow on my website,, a posting on marketing creative content.

      How do I come up with this stuff? I am a very creative guy and always have been. It is, I think, a matter of genetics. I cannot, not write. Sometimes this drive towards creativity might be considered a guift or an affliction.

      We are all differently guifted. If you can identify your guifts, whatever they might be, enhance and train them you will likely do well.

      Best wishes,

      Wm. Hovey Smith

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