Tree Lounge Tree Stands – Approved

The Elusive Whitetail climbing stand is a stable stand that is liked by many, paricularly women.

I regret that Tree Lounge closed its doors for the last time the Spring of 2011. I enjoyed supporting the company and was rooting hard for it to survive. To the best of my knowledge no one is offering products, accessories or support for Tree Lounge stands. The stands are heavy, rugged and will last for decades if  reasonably cared for and not hung on a tree for years in all weather. If you are lucky enough to have one with the accessories, take care of it. The original designs will be worth more every year that you own it,  provided that it is kept in good condition.


Tree Lounges’ original Tree Lounge ($299), Ground Lounge ($79) and Elusive Whitetail climbing stand ($279) won my enthusiastic endorsement. I have used the Elusive Whitetail and Ground Lounge for two years and have been very satisfied with these excellent, American-made products.

Original Tree Lounge, made the way it ought to be

To view a  3-minute video go to . Tree Lounge was among the first really successful climbing stands. Margarete Hice and her late husband Bob, sold the company; but got it back after the buyers failed in their attempts to produce the stand in China and mass-market it.

Production of the original Tree Lounge has returned to Georgia.

Ground Lounge. Ideal for turkey hunters to pre-position on field edges.

New stands including the Ground Lounge, Ladder Lounge and elusive Whitetail climbing stand have been added to the line and all are made in the U.S.

These stands are now sold exclusively through their website to cut out the middlemen and offer maximum value to buyers.  All of these stands use square aluminum tube construction with steel pins and fastenings. The only thing that I add is a cushion when I sit in the Ground Lounge.

Products and/or payment was provided by Tree Lounge for the placement of this ad.

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  1. Hi Hovey,
    One of my favourite old VHS tapes is the one called “Hunting Moonshine Island” and Part 2 of that most entertaining video is “The Tree-Lounge Method of Hunting”. Wow what a neat product it appears to be too. Comfort and security are paramount in any elevated hunting position and if I were to buy another tree-stand it would be one of those from Tree-Lounge, for sure.

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  3. Can anyone tell me where can a purchase a tree lounge stand.. are they still in business?? if so can someone display the number..

    • Sadly, Tree Lounge is out of business, but occasionally people with used stands for sale will post them on this blog. There may be a reintroduction by a new company, but nothing to my knowledge has happened yet.

      • Hello, Do you know if anyone in the family is considering reopening the business or if it will be a no go? I should have ordered one back in 20007 before the economy tanked.

  4. I have one purchased 9 years ago. One of, if not, the best climbers ever sold. I hunt with people who claim the stand is too heavy. I tell them” If you can’t carry around 30 pounds on your back and function, you have no business in the woods.” I too am sorry the company closed its doors.

  5. I’m in the process of making these stands once again. It will be available in the spring of 2015. April is the goal. I will also be making them here in the greatest country of all, USA. Nothing will be used outside of this country. I am now trade marking it and I have also started the process of patent a few others. It may take a while for some other to be finished. My website is I will also be making parts, accessories and the real deal stands. They should be a little less than they use to be in price. I think they wil start at 249 for a climber, 229 for a ladder stand and 59 for a ground seat. I will also be selling round bale blinds for deer and hopefully duck hunting. I am in the process of making the best at the least price I can. If I can cut the middle guy out I can keep cost down. My email address at this time is Thanks guys and gals, please pass the word on. I am just a simple guy that loves to hunt and the great outdoors. If you have any questions or would like to get on a lists to purchase a tree louger deer stand I’d be happy to add you to the list of the first or lowest serial numbers. As soon as I get my website up and running I’ll be taking orders. Then I’ll have a price list as well. I just want to sell the cheapest way I can. Thanks again. 12-01-14. Merry Christmas !!!

    • Dear Jeff,

      I think that your pricing sounds a bit low to be profitable. I am sure that you are trying to give hunters a good buy, but I suspect that there are some costs that you have not thought of yet. If you want me to give an impartial review of your products when you get them out, I will certainly be happy to do that. As witnessed by the activity here, there are numbers of people who are interested in these stands.

  6. I have an original Tree Lounge Stand that I bought right after they first came out. it is without a doubt the best tree stand I’ve ever owned. When I got divorced in 2001, I also lost all my hunting privileges, one of my bigger loses!!! So my stand has sat in a garage for all these years. I want to give it to my grandson but I don’t have the instructional video, the one that shows the guy climbing a slick pole. At 65 years of age I can’t remember exactly where the wooden wedge goes. I got it out last night and climbed a pine in the backyard but I want to make sure it’s safe for him. So, if anyone has copy or can make me copy or has a copy of the video or has written instructions I’d be glad to pay for it.

    • Joe the Wedge fits with the thick side up. You tighten it against the tree with the cord and then move the upper section up to level the stand. That is how it is shown in all of the instructional manual photos.

      • thanks, now can you tell me after you climb the tree, is there an easier way of turning back around to sit in it. I did it with the stand just a few feet off the ground but don’t remember it being that hard to spin around in it

      • It does get harder as you get older and the limbs and joints get stiff. Ideally, it would be nice to climb higher on the tree and hang a strap from a stout limb above you. Then you can pull on the strap/s with the hands to take some weight off the seat legs and then pull yourself off the seat with your arms as you turn. That helps get your legs up and both knees in the seat while you are still facing the tree. Then let go of the strap and use your arms on the limbs of the stand to twist the body and place one foot and then the other on the rail as you alternate hand and foot to get twisted around. Having the bow stand attachment on the stand really helps for this. Even if I did not use the bow stand for archery hunting having one attached is worth it in letting one move into and turn around in the stand. If you do not have one, this is your best aid in moving around and hunting from this stand.

      • Just to let you know that I appreciate this information. I do have a bow hunting adapter but do not use it. Based on your comments I may have to try using it due to me getting older also. I happen to have a treelounge treestand that has never been painted. Would you paint it if were you? I have always liked to alum. Look. Please let me know what you think I should do. Thanks

        Joe Davis
        Price Ceiling and Drywall
        P= 334-657-3586
        F= 334-396-1947

      • I would put the bow stand on it just because it makes it easier to get into and out of the stand. If you are happy with it unpainted and can climb high enough so above the animals line of sight I see no reason to paint it.

        Good hunting,


      • If you hunt high I don’t think you have to paint, but if you hunt in hilly areas were the deer might get a view of you from a ridge top, then it seems appropriate to put paint on it.

  7. i have an origenal tree lounge. one of my carring straps broke does any one know where i might get a replacement for it

    • Dear Tom,

      If you have the ends, I would suggest that you sew one up from similar width nylon strapping. That will get you by until you can find an original. I use nylon fishing line for thread and burn the ends of the strap to keep it from fraying and/or you can use grommets to fasten the straps to the stand. I do not happen to have any 2-inch black nylon strap, but perhaps someone has a roll and will sell you 10 ft. of it which would should give you ample material, I would think. Measure it out to see exactly what you need an order a foot of additional length to take care of potential mess-ups. My stands are in the woods right now, so I don’t have anything to measure here at the moment.

  8. I bought my Tree Lounge at the Ga.Buckarama 13 yrs ago! It is n Xcellent condition,because I dont leave it n the woods,where the elements of the great outdoors can break it dwn!!! Hint! Hint!! HINT!!!!!! Have harvested several nice deer using this stand! I hunt the Oconee Nat.Forest almost xclusively! So,i’m used 2 the long hikes n the woods with it! I can set the stand up n the dark n about 15mins! I’m 58yrs.young,x-Marine & x -,Navy
    ,& LOVE 2 HUNT!!!!!! MS.Margret”Magnum”Hice sold me this stand!! I showed it 2 an X-girlfriend at the ATL Buckarama,& she said,after sitting n it 1 time,…& I quote;”Baby! If u dont buy this stand 4 yourself,I WILL!!!! I hunt hard! & am non stand,8-12hrs,ec time I hunt!!! During the RUT,…I am n th woods frm sun up,til sundown!! I harvest 8-10 deer EVERY year!! All my friends & hunting partners,use all kinds of climbing stands.& they all ask the same stupid ? How r u able to stay n the woods ALL DAY LONG?!! & my reply is ALWAYS the same,……the TREE LOUNGE!!!!!!! When I am no longer able 2 carry it n the woods,….i’ll use a set of hand trucks,&bungie cords,& wheel that heavy rascal n!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ga’s whitetail season starts every year,at the same time!! Start walking,& getting yourself n some kinda shape,people!!!!!! I hunt by myself.Would love 2 show any1 within 40mi of the ATL area how great an invention,Mr.Bob Hice devised!!! this stand was designed wit love,th hunters saftey,& ABSOLUTE COMFORT n mind!!!!!!!!!!!! N the words of 1 of my x-hunting buddies>>>>It IS the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Purchase 1!!!! u won’t regret it!!!!!!! Sincerly,S.Benton

  9. I am a treelounge owner and I am looking for the big ed cup holder for the treelounge treestand. If anyone should have one that they would sell, please let me know. Thanks

  10. Hello my name is Tammy. My father has been looking to by one of the original Tree lounge or even one of the newer versions as long as it was made by the Heist family. If anyone has a used 1 for sale please contact me @ 585-219-3053. He is 70 & just moved back home with me in New York. He lives to hunt. His health is not the best & I would love to be able to find him one. Thank you in advance for any information or leads to someone who is looking to let one go.

  11. i’ve had my stand now for twenty odd years, bought from the hiest family when they demonstrated it the penna. game show i still have it and use it when i of the best tools in my hunting bag but sadly may have to sell all of it due to double massive strokes i suffered last november, but i’m pushing to hunt, wish me luck boys

    • Bob,

      I know that you probably did it by yourself before, but get someone to help you put it on a tree. When you climb, go slow and go only as high as you feel comfortable at first – even if it is only 12 feet or so. Take it easy, take it slow, take communication with you and hunt where you can have a relatively easy drag out, preferably where you can get some sort of mechanical assistance or a winch. At 75 with three stents put in 10 days ago, I am facing exactly the same issues. If you plan a little bit, are careful, not bashful about asking for and accepting help when it is needed, you will do fine. Good luck.

  12. ’15-16 deer season.Harvested a nice 11pt buck! & a big bodied 8pt.frm the Oconee NF!!!!!! Got them within 2 weeks of each other during the rut in November!!! The Tree Lounge STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!! Also harvested 8 does from all over the great state of Ga!! PEOPLE,FIND & purchase 1 of these stands at all cost!!!!!! U will be the happiest hunter that has ever climbed a tree!!! S.Benton

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