Surviving the Economic Downturn, Natural Disasters and Political Upheavals

Could you feed your family on wild game if disaster struck?

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  If present unrelenting world-wide headlines of economic, political, environmental and natural disasters do nothing else they  remind us that our lifestyles and even existence is a chancy thing. One unforseen disaster can wipe out all that we have  worked so hard to accumulate over a lifetime and even threaten our lives and those of our families.

  For many the question has become, “Could my family survive  if we had to rely on our own resources for weeks, or perhaps months, before normal conditions were restored?”  The various reality shows that plunge ordinary people into survival situations are popular because they offer more than entertainment – they also offer tips that might be useful in crisis situations.

  “What if you had to kill and process wild animals for food? Could you do that?”

  Your parents might have never done this, but your grandparents or great-grandparents almost surely did. In many families this store of vital information has been lost.

This book could be a valuable survival tool.

 Author Wm. Hovey Smith addresses self-sufficiency in  Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound  in that the he takes the reader through all the steps that are necessary to convert deer, and other wild game, into family meals. The book is now available from all sources in softcover and as an E-book and is now available in a hardcover edition to provide a more durable book for homes and libraries.

  Even if you have never hunted or processed your own animals, this book can provide a vital resource if worse comes to worse and you had to eat animals that died in same disaster than imperiled your family.

  Books do not depend on  access to electric current  or the web to be useable. The information is always available for easy reference for anyone in the family without needing a password. In this always connected world, books are irreplaceable when these connections fail.

  These terrible conditions may not happen to you, but if they did, wouldn’t a resource like this be nice to have in your home or community library?  Information on this book and the author’s other books Crossbow Hunting and Practical Bowfishing are found on the author’s website, All of them contain cleaning and cooking instructions as well as explaining how to use crossbows and bows to take game and fish.  A forthcoming book  (Summer, 2010) ,  X-Treme Muzzleloading: Fur, Fowl and Dangerous Game with Muzzleloading Rifles, Smoothbores and Pistols, is similarly comprehensive in its coverage of hunting with muzzleloading guns.

  These books are available from, other web book sources or from the author’s website.  The books information is continuously supplimented by postings on the author’s blog,

This book is now in design and should be available by Spring or Summer of 2010.

11 thoughts on “Surviving the Economic Downturn, Natural Disasters and Political Upheavals

  1. Those are some profound words you’ve written today Hovey, and ones that should be heeded.
    And I really enjoyed the radio interview. You have a compelling voice which comes across sincerely and with respect too.
    Oh, and I like the cover layout for your new book.

  2. In a way many of us modern humans in Western Society have become a little too civilized. When terrible things happen, we need to recover the knowledge that our ancestors had on how to make fire, find food and build shelter. Animals die that we may live. When I take an animal’s life it is with a feeling of respect and awe.

  3. I am trying to make this info as widely available as possible. I am shooting an hour-long video now on the Backyard Deer Hunting theme. At the moment, in one full day’s work we have “in the can” 7 of 12 scenes, 2 done the day the videographer arrived from OK, and only 3 to complete today.

    I am able to do this because I work from a script, everything is very close to home, it will contain much info from voiceover still photos (like my video blog postings), and I have some unusually good organizational skills.

    This was/is a hard-driving effort. Tiring: but worth the trouble.

  4. Well, your article helped me very much in my college assignment. Hats off to you. I intend to look for more articles in the direction of more interdependent living without delay, as its this article unites all my favourite subject-matters to read.

    • I am pleased that you were able to find some useful materials. There is a growing body of survivalist literature in the U.S. As with almost everything on the Web, the quality of the writing and content depends on the writer. Some blogs are very tightly-focused in one area, say firearms, while others consider a variety of topics. My take is to focus on the safe, ethical and legal taking and processing of game animals and fish for food.

    • You are free to re-publish the blog or segments of it so long as you use the entire individual blog topic, and not just extracts of it. I am not knowledgable enough to help you get it from one platform to another. You can always give a brief extract and then a link. The easiest things to get at are my video postings on YouTube. These are often longer and more complete that the ones I use on the blog itself.   Wm. Hovey Smith

  5. I do not know enough about the mechanics of repostings to be of any help. I suspect that the easiest content to get at would be my YouTube videos. These, when they exist, cover the same contents of my blogs but are usually longer in play time and contain more content that those in the blogs. You, or anyone, are free to use these as intact documents.

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