Rave Review from Interview Host Cynthia Brian

When economic or other disasters strike, wouldn't you like to have this book in your local library or home?

  Dear Hovey, 

  Thank you so much for being a guest on my show, Starstyle-Be the Star you are! Time flies when you are having fun! I hope the interview helps in all your endeavors. You were amazing and offered such insights to our listeners. Your expertise in hunting, game and cooking are so appreciated. This was a terrific interview. 

Cynthia Brian 

  You can judge for yourself how well the discussion of my book Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound went. The interview was archived and is available on the web at http://www.voiceamerica.com/worldtalkradio/vshow.aspx?sid=764.


  Cynthia’s audience consist largely of those who want to improve their lives. My book covers the basics of hunting, game processing and wild game cooking. It  might equally well be called “All you really need to know about hunting,” because it considers every vital topic in one volume, instead of being a 12-book set. 

  For this reason this book is valuable to community libraries for the use of those who need this information to feed their families. Often they cannot afford the softcover or have the ability to download the E-book.  One point made in the interview was to encourage listeners to purchase and donate a book to their local library, Christian Science reading room or homeless shelter. If this is not possible, encourage your local librarian to buy it as  few libraries have books on wild game utilization on their shelves. Since hardcover (released in about a month), softcover and E-book versions are available, Backyard Deer Hunting will meet all library requirements.

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