Meals from Deer and Wild Game

A nearly all-deer meal with everything from salad to dessert containing deer meat

  “What can you cook with deer meat?”

  I am often asked this question by those whose experience with deer and wild game is frequently limited to an occasional package of deer meat given them by someone else. The short answer to this honest question is, “Any dish that contains meat.”

  Since I eat deer or wild game almost every day, I change my menu constantly. Within the past few weeks I have cooked the following: deer spaghetti sauce on whole-wheat spaghetti, deer roast, deer stew, deer chili, deer meat loaf, smoked- wild- hog- seasoned rutabagas, Italian sausage-seasoned eggplant, bar-b-qued deer ribs, smoked-wild-hog-seasoned string beans, deer burgers,  fried gar tenders, Dear Heart Soup (using deer heart, the recipe is in an earlier post) and wild hog liver and onions. 

  For the holidays, I will cook a whole roast wild pig with sausage-bread stuffing (from my Ossabaw Island hunt described in an earlier post) and may well do a baked carp for Christmas, unless I take a goose when the season comes back in later this month.

  Deer and game recipes are in my books, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound and Crossbow Hunting.  My fish recipes for gar and carp cooking are in  Practical Bowfishing.   For more information on my books go to

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