Deer Hunting: Basic Equipment.

  Georgia’s deer hunting season starts Sept. 12. A few states such as South Carolina and California started their seasons in August, but for most of the nation there are a few weeks before the season starts. What basic equipment do you need?

Add a tree stand, and you have the author's basic set of hunting gear.

Add a tree stand, and you have the author's basic set of hunting gear.

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 Obviously some hunting tool and the stuff it takes to make it work. For me, and in the 14 states where crossbows are allowed during archery season, that is a crossbow and arrows. This year I will start with a BowTech Stryker, one of the most powerful of modern crossbows.

 Tree stands are next up. I like the Tom Cat climbers, and have used their archery stand for years. I will actually hang my stand today. (I should have done this earlier, but have been busy – like most of us.)

 Butt comfort is important if I am going to sit for hours. I will have my homemade cushion with me. I have shot more than a hundred pieces of game sitting on this cushion, and even took it to Africa with me.

 Other items include a safety harness (particularly for a bow stand where you stand and shoot), flash light, knife, trimming saw, toilet paper, drag rope, hoist rope and the legally required licenses and international orange (in places and seasons where it is required). Also important is a ThermCell to keep the mosquitos at bay and a few snacks to hold me during a four to six hour sit. 

 These basic items will allow me to kill and extract my deer. Take only what you need, not what you might want. Unused “stuffs” get in the way more that they help. If you don’t use it, leave it next time.  There is some useful information on deer stand placement in an older post, and for a complete discussion go to the heading “Preparing for opening day” on pages 85-95 of  Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound.

 Go get “them deers!”  Good luck, particularly for you first-time hunters. This is as close as I can come to being with you. I will take out some new hunters this year, and I hope that  many other experienced hunters will do the same .  Also see my blog, “Friend. Take a Friend Hunting.”

 Crossbow provided by Horton.
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