Video: Salvaging Road Killed Deer

This 4-minute video discusses, complete with photos, the cleaning and processing of a road-killed deer. I published these photos to allow those who are considering eating road-killed animals an honest look at the process. These photos are not suitable for young children.

These are the same photos that are shown in my book, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound, but are shown here in full color without any attempt to conceal parts that some viewers might find objectionable.

If you are going to clean and use road kill, you need to have an honest a view of the subject as may be had, and these photos will provide that perspective.

In this economy all states that have laws restricting the use of road-killed deer for human use, should repeal these laws. Any family in North America who has the desire should be able to drag a dead deer off the road and consume it – particularly now when equivalent-quality meat is very expensive and out of reach for many unemployed.

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